Storm near the East Coast, dry and hot around here!

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Fourteen days in a row: that’s how many consecutive 90-degree days we’ve had in Huntsville since the last day of August. Huntsville International did one even better, though, crossing over the 100ºF mark at 2:05 PM Friday for the second 100-degree day of the year.

Earlier this week we thought there would be a decent chance that moisture from Tropical Depression Nine (soon to be Tropical Storm Humberto) would enhance our chance of daily showers and storms and bring down the temperature a bit next week.


It’s going to be near the East Coast taking a track similar to Hurricane Dorian, but the impacts won’t be nearly as significant to Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

For us, that means it stays hot and dry. There’s a limited chance of a storm or two here and there just because it’s so hot and humid, but there is no good, soaking, guaranteed rain coming anytime soon.

That also means it stays hot. Our 90-degree streak likely extends at least another ten days taking the yearly total to 90 days of 90s (12th most on record in Huntsville).

Longer-range implications suggest very little rainfall in the next 15 days.  The European ensemble (EPS) suggests around 1/2″ or less through the end of September.  That, of course, doesn’t mean that individual storms can’t produce much heavier rainfall (like the range of nearly 3″ in Downtown Huntsville to 0.16″ at the airport this week)!

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