We are just about two weeks away from the end of the spring season. It seems like it has rained a lot and been cooler than normal, but how has this spring stacked up so far against previous years?

So far this year temperatures have averaged around 62 degrees. This is close to the average temperature for the season which is around 63 degrees. However, we are falling behind in total rainfall with just 11.04 inches. We still have until the end of the month to catch up to the normal seasonal rainfall which is close to 15 inches.  

Looking at the past few spring seasons, temperatures this season have been similar to what we experienced during the spring of 2020 and 2021. Spring of last year stands out as one of the warmer seasons with an average temperature of 63.

Now it seems like it was wet this spring across our area, but we are falling behind in rainfall compared to the past few spring seasons. Spring of 2020 was the wettest with a rainfall total of 22.24 inches. We have some catching up to do in rainfall totals. Thankfully, we have about two more weeks to do so.  

Looking ahead to the summer months, the outlook calls for a slight chance that temperatures will be warmer than normal. Rainfall is also expected to be higher than what we typically see during our summer months. Looks like we have an overall slightly warmer, and wetter summer to look forward to when the spring comes to a close.