Spots on the map? There’s at least a *chance* you’ll get some rain!

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Thirteen days and not a drop of rain. The last time it rained enough to count at Huntsville International (the official reporting station for Huntsville), we measured 0.05 inches. (We’ve only had 1.05” in the past 30 days.)

The ‘chance’ of some showers and thunderstorms increases to the ‘possible but not likely’ range on Tuesday, Wednesday and for the rest of the week. That means we expect a few storms in the area; however, the odds of that rain falling in a single spot are fairly low. Away from those isolated downpours, it’s just going to be hot: around 94ºF to 98ºF Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday afternoons with morning lows close to or just above 70ºF.

Scattered heavy storms: These isolated, hit-or-miss thunderstorms are the kind that can rain more than one inch over a few square miles of a city (a few neighborhoods) while others nearby just see dark clouds and feel a breeze.

We’ll be watchful for a threat of strong winds with storms next week. Some could have what we call ‘microbursts’ in them. A microburst is a ‘convective downdraft (downburst) that covers an area less than 4 km along a side with peak winds that last 2–5 minutes.’

In everyday language, that’s a quick blast of intense winds that can cause some significant damage over small areas; they are also very difficult to warn for in advance, so if you happen to get a storm next week, be on the lookout for this kind of sneak attack!

Several storms have produced this quick microbursts including those on August 21st.

Here’s what one looked like from a time lapse we did of a summertime storm in August of 2016:

Microburst dropping rain over south Huntsville shortly after 6pm Monday, August 1, 2016.

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