Nighttime tornadoes are particularly dangerous, because of the time of day that they occur. Striking under the cover of night, nocturnal tornado events can result in more fatalities.

When these storms strike at night, it can be difficult to spot and confirm tornadoes. In addition to not being able to spot tornadoes at night, many people may miss warnings because they are asleep.

The states that are most susceptible to nighttime tornadoes are across the Southeast. That includes Alabama with about 36% of tornado events taking place overnight. Tennessee has the highest percentage of nighttime tornado events at 46%.

The other states with high percentages of nighttime tornado events include Kentucky and Arkansas. With 42 and 43% of nighttime tornado events respectively.

Not only do 36% of tornado events in Alabama take place overnight, but from 1950 to 2005, 50% of all nighttime tornado events in Alabama were killer events. On top of that, 46% of fatalities in Alabama occurred in the overnight hours.

Because nighttime tornadoes can be so dangerous, it is important to have multiple ways to get weather warnings. A great way to get alerts is through our Live Alert 19 app that you can download to your phone. Be sure to download it and set your alerts today.