After starting 2022 on the soggy side, it’s been very dry lately. We received some rain over the weekend, but not enough to help out our drought numbers. Most of the Tennessee Valley remains in the a *MODERATE DROUGHT* with no significant relief on the way.

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Rain totals for the summer are mostly uneven. Some neighbors literally get an inch or two while others get nothing. Overall, the Tennessee Valley is behind in recent months. Only 0.38″ in the last month at Huntsville International. Most of that fell on Saturday morning with a total of 0.32″.

We’ll try again later this week with the greatest chance of rain on Wednesday. We need several soaking rains to catch up on this latest dry spell. It’s tough to get them in the summertime. Disturbances that come out of the Midwest, rare summer cold fronts, and decaying tropical storms are the best ways to get beneficial rain this time of year. We’ll have to wait and see.

Here is a look at the July calendar: