Some North Alabama storm shelters are rusting, but will be fixed

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (AP) — Authorities say rusting storm shelters in northwest Alabama will be repaired.

The contractor who installed three storm shelters has agreed to repaint the structures, even though they’re out of warranty, Colbert County’s administrator told the TimesDaily .

Photos show badly cracking paint that’s peeling off the structures and rust beneath it.

But Colbert County Administrator Roger Creekmore said, “it looks worse than it is.”

The rusting doesn’t affect the integrity of the storm shelters, Colbert County Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Smith said. They were built with money provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency after the deadly April 2011 tornado outbreak.

“Basically, the paint is running off the side of them,” Smith said.

The five-year-old shelters are at Manning Homes in Sheffield, Maud in western Colbert County and in the Crooked Oak community.

There are three newer shelters built by the same company the county will keep an eye on to see if they develop the same problems, Creekmore said. Those shelters are located in Allsboro, Appleton Road and Red Rock Road.

Another issue with some shelters involves mildew.

The shelters are exposed to elements and will develop unsightly mildew issues, Creekmore said. He said that has appeared on other shelters in the county.

Creekmore said he and County Maintenance Superintendent Robbie Carter have developed a touch-up procedure to address the mildew issues.

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