Soaking rain looking likely for Alabama and Tennessee starting Friday

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It started out cold Wednesday morning!  Bridgeport had a freeze for the first time this season; Huntsville International dropped into the upper 30s (39ºF at 6:25 AM) for the first time since April 21st: 185 days ago.  We’ll get another cold night before warmer, more humid air starts edging northward Thursday and Friday setting up the best-looking chance of rain in months for Alabama and Tennessee.

It gets chilly again tonight:

Thursday looks warm and dry: highs in the lower 70s with a mostly sunny sky.  Some clouds start moving in on Thursday evening, but rain will hold off until Friday morning.  That means all of the Football Friday games that are now happening Thursday evening should kick off in some great late October weather:

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Some of the most significant rain we’ve had in months begins Friday and keeps coming through Saturday.  While there is a chance some strong storms could develop Saturday (depending on the system’s speed), we do not expect ‘major’ severe weather at this time.

How much rain are we talking here?  The Wednesday afternoon outlook from NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center (WPC) shows around 3.5″ to 4.5″ of rainfall for North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.  Individual forecast models vary greatly from one to the next; some show as little as a half-inch while others go gung-ho with more than six inches of rain.

The truth is, as usual, somewhere in the middle.

We’re expecting on average around two to three inches of rain from late Friday morning to Saturday afternoon:

The weekend: Yes, it’s looking wet on Saturday.  Yes, there’s a chance it could be stormy.  No, it’s not going to rain the entire weekend.

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