Snow Less Likely This Time

The Weather Authority
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Lately the Tennessee Valley has gotten used to seeing snow. We’ve had a few events recently, but this time it appears to be just rain. Ingredients for the past couple events were there including plenty of cold air and an upper level low (cold pocket aloft.) This time the warmer air wins. Here is the set up. There is some cold air in place Saturday, but it just doesn’t win out late Sunday into Monday.  Here is a look an explainer.

Why No Snow

Low pressure center is just too far west and north to keep cold air in place. A milder flow ahead of the main storm allows warm air to move north and east and takes over the area Monday.


***We would need a southern storm track for snow in this scenario.

Snow accumulations stay well north and east of the Tennessee Valley this time. Just as a footnote, if there is any snow or sleet, it would be short-lived. The northern Cumberland Plateau and extreme northeast Alabama has a chance at that at the beginning. Overall, this is a cold rain event and plenty of it. It wouldn’t shock me to see 1″-1.5″ of rain through Monday night.

SnowBest chance of snow well north and east of the Tennessee Valley this time.


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