Sizzling heat continues Sunday, humidity returns this week

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Talk about the heat! Temperatures reached 95-100 degrees throughout the Tennessee Valley Saturday afternoon, and triple digit heat was recorded in central Alabama as well.

With clear, dry conditions in place, temperatures will start off in the upper 60s to lower 70s Sunday morning. Once the sun rises, though, it will turn uncomfortably hot in a hurry! Expect thermometers to reach the low 80s at 9am and top out in the mid to upper 90s under a mostly sunny sky.

Temperatures will continue to reach the mid to upper 90s through the first half of the week, with heat index values around 100-105 degrees due to the increasing humidity. While thermometers will begin to slip towards the end of the week, the extra humidity will continue to produce sweltering conditions.

Rain next week? Drought conditions slowly expanded around Northeast Alabama this week, and with limited rainfall in sight for the first half of the week, it likely expands a little more before things get better.

There is a chance of some rain heading into the weekend, but it does not look like we get a ‘guaranteed’ rain for any one spot in North Alabama or Southern Tennessee.

The rain chance makes more sense when you think about it in terms of the region and not just your house, business, field, or school.  Rain chances are a combination of confidence and coverage: confidence that rain develops and how much of the designated area should get some of it.

In the case of next week, it’s high confidence of little coverage.  That’s what accounts for the relatively low numbers!

Additional forecast details are available on the WHNT News 19 forecast discussion.

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