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The warm and humid weather continues as we round out the last of 2021. Rain chances return in a big way this week too, as multiple rounds of showers and storms will move through, some of which may be intense at times.

A cold front approaches the area Wednesday, bringing with it clusters of showers and storms. The upper-level support for severe weather is a bit meager with Wednesday’s setup, but there’s enough there to support a few strong or severe storms. Shear profiles Wednesday suggest storms will develop in clusters, and that our primary threats will be damaging winds, hail, and lightning. We can’t totally rule out a tornado, but that does not appear to be as significant a threat as the straight-line wind or hail threat.

We’ll see a few showers Thursday and Friday, but another round of potent storms looks to set up over the weekend. This system looks to be much more robust, with a strong upper-level trough moving through and a strengthening low-level jetstream setting up over the Southeastern U.S. to enhance wind shear. It will still be plenty warm and humid, and it appears enough cold air aloft will be in place to make the atmosphere unstable enough to support severe storms.

There remain many fine details on the exact timing and location of the biggest severe weather threat over the weekend that we will be able to parse out over the next few days, but for now it’s best to just be aware that weekend severe weather remains a possibility.