Severe Storms Possible This Week

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Severe storms possible on Wednesday, Wednesday night and Thursday morning

Hail, strong wind gusts, intense lightning and heavy rain expected
Heavy Rain, Gusty Winds, & Large Hail Expected Wednesday

Springtime storms develop in a very unstable atmosphere on Wednesday in two main rounds (and a possible third round in between).

Round 1: Wednesday morning

The first wave of thunderstorms on Wednesday won’t cover every square inch of ground with heavy rainfall, but those storms that do develop early in the morning (between 3 AM and 10 AM) could make some noise! Expect small hail, heavy rain, wind gusts over 30 miles per hour, and frequent lightning.

The risk of a severe storms is not high; however, a few stronger storms could push that limit (one-inch diameter hail and/or wind gusts over 58 miles per hour).

Round Two: Wednesday afternoon

This is the round that might not exist depending upon the coverage of morning storms. More storms in the morning? That will mean fewer in the afternoon and vice versa.

Some of these – if they form – could get rough with hail and gusty winds.

Away from the storms, Wednesday looks warm and humid: highs in the lower 80s with a stiff southwest breeze up to 20 miles per hour.

Round Three: Wednesday night/early Thursday

The third and final wave of storms begins Wednesday evening in Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas and northwestern Tennessee. Between midnight and 2 AM, those storms develop into a squall line and race southeast into the Tennessee Valley Thursday morning.

General timeline for the final and most intense storms Wednesday night into Thursday morning

These storms may produce very strong winds and have the potential for some sizable hail: possibly larger than golfballs.

Once they pass, it does turn a lot cooler for Thursday and Friday! High temperatures crawl into the 60s with a cool north breeze; some of the usual ‘cold spots’ in Tennessee and northeastern Alabama could go as low as the mid-30s with some scattered frost by Saturday morning.

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