Delta rainbands continue, heavy rain and gusty winds impact north Alabama through late this evening

The Weather Authority

As the remnants of Delta lift north this evening, bands of tropical rain will pivot around the North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. As is the case with these tropical systems, a lot of shear will be in place, which could translate to some strong wind gusts within the rainband.

Thankfully, very little convective instability was available this afternoon over north Alabama, which limited the ability of the storms to strengthen and in turn, hampered the severe weather threat for this region. Had additional sunshine been available, strong to severe storms would have been able to tap into the strong wind shear present, due to the tropical system.

The rainbands are slow to move, and heavy rain (as well as gusty winds) will continue to impact north Alabama late this evening. The rainband should exit north Alabama by midnight, after which cloudy and damp conditions will continue, but the severe weather threat will have ended.

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