Several Systems In Atlantic Basin! On Our Way To the Greek Alphabet

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It hasn’t been done since 2005, but there is only name left. Hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30. Teddy and Vicky just formed Monday morning. That leaves Wilfred to end the names list for 2020. 

Here is a look at the Atlantic Basin. There are several systems to monitor. Of course, Sally is close to home. That’s the one that brings wind, rain, and flooding to the Gulf Coast in the coming days. Rain and wind is expect here by the middle of the week. 

Paulette bought winds to over 100 mph to Bermuda Sunday night into Monday morning. Rene is barely holding on. Teddy formed Monday morning and will likely stay out in the open Atlantic. Tropical Storm Vicky formed Monday morning and will likely stay away. It’s an active Atlantic Basin for sure!

Check back for the latest on Tropical Storm Sally as the system makes landfall as a hurricane Tuesday. The impacts will be felt here on Wednesday into Thursday.

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