Several Creeks And Rivers Crest Tomorrow

The Weather Authority

After yet another round of heavy rain this morning, rivers will once again be on the rise. Several rivers are under a flood warning, and will rise above flood stage by tomorrow.

Flint River @ Brownsboro

The Flint River will crest at about 19 feet in Brownsboro. That usually leads to flooding in some yards on the downstream side of the Brownsboro bridge. That crest will likely be some time tomorrow morning around 7 am.

Paint Rock River @ Woodville

The Paint Rock River will crest Thursday later in the day, likely around 7 pm. The forecast crest at 17.5 feet would lead to bottomland flooding as well as potentially flooding part of Jackson County Road 20.

Big Nance Creek @ Courtland

The Big Nance will also crest later Thursday, around 7 pm, at around 14.5 feet. At that stage, we’d expect Lawrence County Road 150 to flood, as well as some lowland flooding on the left bank of the river.

Tennessee River @ Florence

The Tennessee River at Florence will crest Thursday afternoon around Noon, but water will remain fairly high into the weekend. At the forecast crest of 20.49 feet, we’d expect some flooding of McFarland Park, and the water could be high enough to close the Alabama Highway 20 underpass below Highway 72 and 43.

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