Seriously Hot: the highest temperatures of the summer season come this week

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Heavy storms are gone from North and Central Alabama tonight, and it’s just muggy now.  Expect temperatures in the low-70s overnight with a fair sky and light wind.

Some patchy fog could be very thick by sunrise Tuesday; visibility may be less than a mile for the morning commute (especially where heavy rain fell Monday afternoon).

A strong ‘ridge’ building in from the west squeezes down on the atmosphere for the rest of the week thinning out storms and cranking up temperatures. Tuesday’s high of 92ºF is likely the lowest of the next 6 days; we may make a run at 100ºF before the week is finished.

The ‘ridge’ makes it HOT: Huntsville’s hottest day so far this summer happened last week: 95ºF on Friday. This week looks hotter with several days of 95ºF+ heat; the ‘feels like’ temperature may go as high as 105-108ºF as long as the isolated showers miss your location through the end of the week.

The ‘ridge’ is a strong feature that inhibits storms and promotes heat

Ridges often totally shut down thunderstorm formation in the summertime, but the ground is so wet that we could see a few isolated showers or storms that last a few minutes each afternoon. That ridge creates a sinking motion in the atmosphere that generally means hot, dry weather.

(In reality, it’s warm air expanding from the middle of the atmosphere; the expansion downward is what caps off the storm formation.)

The ridge stays strong through the end of the week, but it will begin to lose some influence over the weekend; that brings up a better chance of some spotty (but potentially heavy) storms for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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