During the past week, the tropics have been quiet but this could change in the coming days! The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring two areas for potential tropical development. The orange area above will be the area to watch as it has a 40 percent chance of growth in the next five days. This tropical wave is located east of the Lesser Antilles and continues to move towards the west-northwest. With a marginal conducive environment, gradual development is expected. This area is known as Invest- 96, it is to early to tell if it will impact the U.S.

The second area is a tropical wave off the west coast of Africa. At this moment this area of showers and storms is very disorganized, the reason why it only has a 10 percent chance of development in the next five days. The development will be tough for this area as it moves over an unfavorable environment.

Atlantic Appears to Quiet Down as Peak of Hurricane Season Arrives

The peak of the hurricane season was back on September 10th, which means we are now halfway through the season! When comparing this season to 2021, it has been pretty quiet. At this point, we have only had five named storms compared to this time last year when 14 systems have formed. If we were to see a storm form in the next week, it would be named Fiona.