Showers and storms will return to the Tennessee Valley Friday. A low-pressure system will move in and ahead of it, northwest Alabama will have a chance of showers and storms by late afternoon Friday. That threat of storms will increase for places farther east as the evening wears on. Heavy downpours, wind gusts of 40-45 mph and frequent lightning will accompany the strongest.

Behind the cold front, temperatures will dip to the upper 60s by Saturday and upper 30s and low 40s by Sunday morning.

Changes Ahead

A trough of low pressure will settle in and temperatures will drop even further into the mid to upper 30s by Monday morning.

Below-average temperatures are favored during the period of April 24-26. While it will be getting cold, no freezes are expected at this time. The record lows for both Sunday and Monday mornings are 32 degrees.

The latest freeze on record for Huntsville is May 7, 1944. We’ll have to watch for possible frost formation but conditions have to be favorable. These elements are clear skies, dry air and calm winds. The Weather Authority will keep you updated.