Remembering Heat Wave Of 2012 – Some Of the Hottest Air Of All-Time

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The second half of June through the first part of July was one of the hottest stretches we’ve ever had here across the Tennessee Valley. For two and a half weeks we had an average high temperature of 100.8°F at Huntsville International Airport included a high of 106°F on June 29, 2012. It wasn’t just us in the Tennessee Valley, but most of the country experienced all-time record heat and heat related deaths.

That is one of my Facebook memories that popped up. We were just getting started!

On June 30, we officially got to 106°F at Huntsville International just missing the all-time record by 2 degrees (108°F in 1931). Here is how it played out on the calendar.

June 23, 2012, to July 8, 2012 (16 Day Stretch)

Here is a look at the National Climate Report. Some of these temperatures are truly unbelievable! Norton Dam, Kansas, hit 118°F on June 28!

National Climate Report

We had a large high pressure ridge sit across the midwest and southeast at this time. Typically the hottest part of the summer is late July and early August. It’s just a reminder that under the right conditions, we can heat up above 100° anytime during the late spring and summer!

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