A Red Flag Warning, or Fire Weather Warning has been issued in North Alabama for the first time since 2016. This means that the weather today will make for critical fire conditions across our area.

The alert will run from noon Saturday, until 7 Saturday evening for the threat of dry, breezy conditions that could quickly spread wildfires. It will also be easy for any stray sparks to quickly ignite dry grass and vegetation and lead to wildfires.

Much of the state has been experiencing drought conditions, including severe drought in the Tennessee Valley. The dry conditions combined with low dewpoints and wind gusts upwards of 30 mph will lead to hazardous fire weather conditions.

During this dry and windy period, it would be best to avoid open flame fires such as campfires, outdoor grills, and burning yard waste, as these types of fires can easily spread out of control. Stay aware of dead grass and vegetation, that could easily ignite. Be sure to pay attention to and obey burn bans in your area.