Recycling is a great way to be green in our local community. It helps to keep waste out of our landfills and reduces our impact on the environment.

Brian Walker Director of Landscape Management for the City of Huntsville, says that they ask their citizens to do their part to do the right thing from a sustainability end. Simply choosing to recycle that cardboard box instead of trashing it can make a difference in the impact on our environment.

In Huntsville paper, plastic, cardboard, and metal can be collected in a blue cart. These items are then picked up and shipped off to a facility in Chattanooga for recycling. While the items are not recycled locally, they are still able to be repurposed into new materials.

When deciding to recycle something, make sure that the item is empty, clean and dry before placing it in a blue cart. Glass, styrofoam, aerosol cans, electronics and plastic wrap are among some of the items that are currently not recyclable in the blue carts.

As far as the future of recycling in our community goes Walker says that it lies in educating the younger generation about the benefits of recycling. Walker says helping protect our local environment comes down to you taking pride in your neighborhood and doing your part to help out.

While RANA provides recycling services for communities in Madison County, there are also recycling centers in communities like Fort Payne. In Florence, curbside recycling pickup is available throughout the city.