Recent Rains Have Brought Significant Drought Relief

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Above average rain over past 30 days: 

Rainfall is now above average for the past 30 days now across most of the state. That’s something we haven’t seen in months!

Finally, after a couple of good, soaking rains, we’re starting to see some significant drought relief around the state. The latest Palmer Drought Index shows most of the state is headed out of drought conditions.

The Palmer Index is different from the Drought Monitor, which will come out on Thursday. However, I’d expect to see some fairly significant improvement when the new Drought Monitor is released as well.

For more on the Drought Monitor released last Thursday, check out our blog post on it. 

For more on rain chances this week, including on Halloween, check out the latest forecast discussion. 

Frost is likely to start November. Details on that in a recent blog post too. 


Meteorologist Alex Puckett



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