(WHNT) — The Tennessee Valley, along with the rest of the state of Alabama, has been experiencing a lack of rainfall leading to dry or drought conditions.

The abnormally dry and drought conditions across the state have prompted a statewide Fire Alert as wildfires could spread rapidly.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) released a ‘rapid onset drought risk’ outlook. This product is used to highlight an area that could see hazardous conditions, regarding a drought, during the mentioned time period.

The dry spell that has impacted the region is setting the stage for this risk of a rapid-onset drought. In the upcoming weeks, the combination of little to no rain in the forecast, dry soil content, and warmer-than-average temperatures will support the expansion of drought conditions across the state.

Above is a look at the current drought monitor update, a new update will be released on Thursday. The majority of Alabama is experiencing abnormally dry conditions, highlighted in yellow, this includes us here in North Alabama. The worst drought conditions are ongoing across the southern portion of the state.

Lack Of Rainfall & Rainfall Outlook

Looking close to home in North Alabama, rain has been limited during the month of September. Huntsville has recorded nearly 1.20 inches of rainfall so far this month leading to a deficit of 1.79 inches. Muscle Shoals has not seen measurable rainfall since August 28th. The September rain total for this area is less than a tenth of an inch and they are seeing a deficit of three inches.

The CPC released the six to ten-day rainfall outlook for October 2nd through the 6th. This forecast shows the Tennessee Valley has a 40 to 50 percent chance of below-normal rainfall. Latest model trends trends support this, with drier air moving in over the region.

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