Radar Confirmed Tornado Near Troy Tuesday Morning

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A radar confirmed tornado touched down near the Troy Municipal Airport this morning, and it was detected by radar. 

The tornado caused a Tornado Debris Signature (TDS) on radar. This signature is caused by debris being lifted into the air by a tornado. Debris can be detected now by Dual Polarization technology. In the bottom left panel of the radar image, we’re using Correlation Coefficient, which is a way to measure the “sameness” of what’s being detected by radar. The green and blue dot in the middle is tornado debris, and we can confirm that by using velocity (top right) and reflectivity (top left) to ensure the radar is measuring near the tornadic circulation and is measuring something reflective enough to be debris. We met all that criteria, and the National Weather Service in Birmingham was able to upgrade their tornado warning to note that a tornado was occurring at the time. 

Severe weather will remain possible through the next several hours for parts of Central and Southern Georgia, the Wiregrass region of Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. 

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