Quiet weather follows Thursday’s gusty storms

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Meridianville Rainbow from July Sky on May 6, 2021

A wave of storms with strong wind gusts passed through North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee Thursday evening. Most of the wind gusts did not get to severe levels (58 MPH or higher), but it was close and still quite impactful:

  • 48 MPH in Decatur
  • 47 MPH in Muscle Shoals
  • 45 MPH in Fayetteville
  • 45 MPH in Rainsvile
  • 43 MPH in Central (Lauderdale Co.)
  • 41 MPH at Huntsville International
  • 40 MPH on Monte Sano

The wind in Lincoln County was strong enough to peel the metal roof back from Robin’s home in Park City Thursday evening. It’s likely that the wind here was in the 45 MPH to 55 MPH range seeing as this is the only damage visible.

How can a non-severe storm do damage like this?

It’s possible that there was an imperfection in the roof that allowed the wind to ‘get under it’ and lift it. Notice that the decking is still there, and it did not appear to do any substantial damage to the underlying structure.

It’s also possible that something like this happened: a ‘gustnado’ or a ‘landspout.’ Kevin Mulack shot this video from Limestone County showing two swirls along the leading edge of the storms – on the thunderstorm outflow. They’re not tornadoes, but they probably did create very small areas of enhanced wind that might have been higher than 60 MPH (outflow moving at 40 MPH, add the rotational velocity to one side of that swirl and you could get 55-60 MPH).

Photos from Thursday’s storms at WHNT.com

Strong wind gusts caused problems around North Alabama and Southern Tennessee on Thursday. Click through the link to see more of the damage…

Looking ahead…

The storms moved out, and now cooler, drier air moves in again. Friday sets up as a repeat performance of Thursday; this time it’s without a quick shot of wind and rain in the evening!

Friday stays dry from start to finish: and cool! Expect temperatures in the 40s in the morning, and it only warms to around 69°F in the afternoon (nearly 10 degrees below average for May 7th).

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