Here in the Tennessee Valley, we are bracing ourselves for the arctic cold air that will surge into the region later this week. This dangerous air mass will lead to lows in the teens and wind chill values well below zero!

With these cold temperatures in the forecast, it got the Weather Authority thinking about when the last time wind chill alerts were issued for the area. When it comes to the Wind Chill Advisory, it has been over a year since one has been issued. To be more specific 670 days, taking us back to February 2021.

Wind Chill — What it is and how it impacts you

When it comes to the Wind Chill Warning, it has been almost five years since one was issued! Tobe more specific, it has been 1,796 days, taking us back to January 2018. During both of these events, arctic air moved into the region leading to low temperatures dropping into the teens and win chill values colder than that.

This polar air mass will bring some of the coldest air we have seen in our region in almost five years! The combination of arctic cold air and windy conditions could lead to wind chill values below zero. The coldest night is forecast to occur Thursday into Friday morning. Air temperatures will be in the low teens but wind chill values could range from -5 to -15 degrees!

Winter Is Coming to The Tennessee Valley

If you are heading out early Friday, Saturday, or Sunday morning it is important to wear the proper clothing to keep yourself warm. This means it is crucial to have gloves, a hat, and a winter jacket on when going outdoors.

What Are The Criteria For Wind Chill Alerts?

A Wind Chill Advisory and Warning are issued by the local National Weather Service Office here in Huntsville. The criteria required for wind chill alerts to be issued varies across the United States. For an advisory to be issued in our area, the combination of cold temperatures and gusty winds must create a wind chill value below zero degrees. When we start seeing wind chill values below -10 degrees for an hour or more, a Wind Chill Warning will be issued for the area.