Do January showers bring February flowers? I do not believe that is how the saying goes. However, if you have looked around lately then maybe you have noticed some of the trees and plants in our area are starting to bud out.

This is not typical for plants to start budding out this early, yet it is happening all across the Southeast. According to research by the National Phenology Network plants are producing spring leaves several days to weeks earlier than normal across the Southeast. Even, some plants along the Gulf Coast are already producing blooms close to 20 days before they normally do.

All this budding of leaves and flowers has to do with the warmer-than-normal temperatures that we have been seeing across the area. So far this year, we have had 33 days with above-average temperatures. When we look at the average of the highs and lows so far this year, the average temperature comes to 49.1 degrees. Our warmest day so far this year was on February 16, with a high of 73 degrees!

This warmer-than-normal temperature trend is expected to continue for some time. Expect warmer-than-normal temperatures to continue through the end of the month. It stays warm into the first part of March. With temperatures expected to be warmer than 60 for daytime highs, and morning lows warmer than 39. This warmer weather on the way will promote even more plants to start to bud and bloom in the days and weeks to come.