Get ready, because we are about to go from warm to really hot this week. Temperatures will start to climb into the 90s this week, and with the return of humidity, it will feel even hotter. That is why a heat advisory will go into effect on Monday starting at noon for much of the Tennessee Valley.

Heat Advisory for Madison, Morgan, Cullman, Lawrence, Franklin, Colbert, Limestone and Lauderdale counties. In effect Monday at noon until 6 PM.

Temperatures and humidity are set to rise this week. The combination of both the humidity and the air temperature is called the heat index. The heat index is what it will feel like when you step outside.

The Heat Index and How It Impacts You

The heat index over the next several days is going to feel like 100 degrees or higher. Meaning that heat-related illnesses can develop quickly, especially with prolonged heat exposure and strenuous activities.

There are multiple things you should do to protect yourself from the heat this week. Make sure to stay hydrated and limit the time you spend outside during peak heating.

It is not unusual for our area to start warming up this time of the year. Climatologically, our summers have been warming since the 1970s. According to Climate Central, we have had 33 more above normal temperature days since 1970.

So far this year we have only had 8 days of 90-degree temperatures. We will likely be adding several more to that total over the coming days. On average we see 62 days where the temperature is 90 or higher. The most number of 90-degree days was 117 in 1925.