Ophelia hits Ireland and the UK Monday

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Ophelia hit Ireland Monday morning as a post-tropical storm. The storm still produced hurricane strength winds across the island though. The highest reported wind gust so far topped out at 118 mph at the Fastnet Lighthouse, which sits off the coast of southern Ireland.

This is the worst storm to hit Ireland in recent memory. The high winds have downed trees and left thousands without power. Waves broke over seawalls along the western and eastern coast of Ireland. The storm has been blamed for 3 deaths so far.

Even before making landfall Ophelia was already a record setting system. Ophelia became a Category 3 hurricane Saturday, making it the farthest east major hurricane on record.

Ophelia was also the 6th major hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

Red Skies Over Britain: High winds are currently threatening parts of the UK, including Northern Ireland and Scotland. In Britain, something more eery occurred: skies took on an orange to red tint.

This is because Ophelia has pulled in smoke from the wildfires currently burning in Portugal and Spain, along with Saharan dust. These extra particles help scatter away the blue light we normally see allowing yellow, orange, and red light to be seen.

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