Another cool snap on the way?

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After a nearly record-breaking cold mid-May weekend, temperatures are finally warming up this weekend.

However, another weather pattern is setting up to bring yet another round of cool weather into the Tennessee Valley!

“Cut Off” Low Dives South

Temperatures this weekend are expected to run right about average, in the low to mid 80s. However, a cold front will pass on Sunday, ushering in cooler air that will linger far longer than normal.

A “cut off” low forms when a pocket of wind and colder temperatures is “cut off” from the main flow of the jet stream. This “low” is no longer part of the main steering current provided by the jet stream, so it lingers over a particular area until it is finally “pushed” out of the way or low dissipates.

In the Tennessee Valley, this “cut off” low will bring cloudy skies and a greater chance of rain next week, as well as temperatures 10-20 degrees cooler compared to this coming weekend.

As long as the low is overhead, northwesterly winds will bring cool air to the region, and sunshine will be in short supply until the low dissipates. We anticipate to happen as late as next Thursday, but check the WHNT News 19 Forecast Discussion for the latest information.

– Christina Edwards

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