September is coming to an end and October is almost here. So, what can you expect for the upcoming month?

October typically brings cooler days, especially later on in the month. Our October mornings typically start out in the low 50s and the days typically warm to the 70s.

We have had some really warm Octobers in the past. 2019 brought highs in the 100s on October 2 and the 3rd. While October of 2019 started out very warm, the back half of the month did cool off with daytime highs in the 60s and 70s.

Speaking of cooling off, there have been some really cold starts to some past October mornings. The morning of October 29, 1910, started with a temperature of just 23 degrees. This ties with October 30, 1952 for the coldest morning on record in October.

Normal rainfall for the month comes in at 3.56 inches, while not our driest month, October does trend drier than the others. Our wettest October on record was in 1975 with a total of 12.06 inches of rain. Our driest was in 1924 with no rainfall measured in the entire month.

While this October may start off warmer than normal, there is an indication that things could change by the middle of the month. The temperature outlook for mid-October calls for below-average temperatures. Meaning that daytime highs could be cooler than 79, and mornings could start off colder than 55.

The rainfall outlook for the middle of October still has us in below-average rainfall and continued dry conditions.