Minor River Flooding Likely Again This Week

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After this past weekend’s rain, a few local rivers and streams rose above flood stage, but as of Tuesday afternoon all had fallen back to ‘normal’ levels. The rivers subsided just in time for our next shot at widespread rain, which means they’re likely not going to stay below flood stage for long.

The kind of rain we’ll see on Wednesday is a typical soaking rain for January, dropping between 1-2 inches. With conditions as wet as they have been for the past month though, it doesn’t take as much rain for some rivers and streams to flood. That’s because most of the rain that falls this week will runoff directly into the waterways.

Normally soil and vegetation would use up any rain falling directly over them, but our soils are already near saturation. The Palmer Drought Index, which measure soil moisture, has all of Alabama above the midrange. That means that soils are too moist to soak up much more water.

Along with moist soils, a few of our local rivers are still near the flood stage.  The Paint Rock River at Woodville and the Tennessee River at Florence are both just below their respective flood stages. Other rivers that are forecast to climb back near flood stage behind Wednesday’s rain include the Indian Creek at Madison, the Tennessee River at Whitesburg, and the Flint River at Brownsboro.

Wednesday’s rain should come through quick enough that no long-lasting flooding is expected. Any rivers that swell Wednesday and Thursday will likely be subsiding again by the weekend.

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In the meantime, make sure you’re staying safe: never approach flood waters in or outside of a vehicle, and remember to check your local forecast for the most recent alerts!

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