Weather for the month of November across the Tennesee Valley was typical for this time of the year. Monthly average temperatures and monthly rainfall came close to what our averages are.

Looking at temperatures, when we average the lows and the highs of every day last month we get the monthly average temperature. This year the monthly average temperature was 53.2 degrees. That is just 0.7 degrees above our normal average temperature of 52.5 degrees. Our warmest daytime high came on November 8 at 84 degrees. The coldest morning low was on November 21 with a morning low of 22 degrees.

Fall comes to an end and Winter begins

When it came to rainfall we managed to pick up more than our normal monthly rainfall this year. Rainfall for the month totaled 4.67 inches, with 2.21 inches of that coming down on one day November 29. During the whole month, we picked up 0.42 inches more than our normal monthly rainfall total of 4.25 inches.

Looking ahead to December, the first week looks to be mild with somewhat above-average temperatures. This means that we can expect daytime highs to be slightly above 57 degrees, and morning lows to be slightly warmer than 37 degrees heading into December. When it comes to rainfall for the first part of December, it looks to be wetter than normal. In fact, December climatologically is our wettest month of the entire year. Average rainfall in the month of December comes to a whopping total of 5.87 inches of rain!

To stay up to date with the weather heading into the month of December check out The Weather Authority forecast.