Near-record heat possible this weekend

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- A weather pattern favoring lots of heat and virtually no chance for rain will push temperatures to near record levels over the weekend.

While dry air in place allows for comfortable overnight temperatures, it allows for temperatures to become much hotter than if the air was more humid. The dry ground also plays a factor; with less moisture for the sun's energy to evaporate, the primary focus of the sun's energy goes into heating the ground which then heats the air.

Temperatures are forecast to reach the middle 90s on Friday for the first time in 2016. We expect near-record levels both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

We are forecasting a  high of 97 on Saturday and 98 on Sunday. The record for Saturday in Huntsville is 99 degrees, set in 1953. The record at Huntsville International Sunday is 97 degrees, reached in 2013 and 1953.

Increasing humidity levels will make it feel even hotter. Flip through the gallery below to see how hot it will feel Friday and Saturday afternoon.

The weather pattern responsible for the near-record heat is what is known as a warm-core high pressure system. That is, we have high pressure (ridging) taking place at all levels in the atmosphere. This creates a sinking motion in the atmosphere, aiding in heat production and preventing clouds and rain from forming.

Even if no new records are set, temperatures will still be about 10 degrees above average.

While upper 90s may not seem like a big deal, this will be the first time this summer we'll have to deal with temperatures that hot. It's important that if you are planning to spend any time outdoors, or if you know you will be working outdoors this weekend, be ready to take common-sense measures to stay cool and hydrated.

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