August has certainly been a humid month so far, but temperature-wise highs have been near average. The majority of the month’s temperatures have been at or above 90 degrees, leading to the average high temperature for Huntsville being 89 degrees. When looking at the average temperature, combining the high and low temperatures, is 79.7 degrees this is 0.4 degrees below normal.

What to Expect In August

When it comes to rainfall, we are seeing a deficit there. Here in Huntsville, we ended July with below-average rainfall and drought conditions. Thankfully the drought conditions have improved some, but we are still a rain deficit of almost 0.50 inches. Although we have certainly experienced drier conditions, any rainfall would be very beneficial to the area!

Summer Season So Far

Taking a look at the summer season so far, most of the Tennessee Valley has seen a deficit of rain. The summer season includes the months of June, July, and August. The deficit of rain has led to drought and abnormally dry conditions for parts of northern Alabama and southern middle Tennessee. The area that is experiencing the worst drought conditions are parts of Colbert and Lauderdale counties. Huntsville is seeing its fourth driest summer on record with a total of 5.59 inches of rain. While Muscle Shoals is experiencing its 11th driest, Decatur is seeing its driest summer on record with a rainfall total of 4.43 inches.

When looking at temperatures, it has been a near-average summer. We did see a stretch of days when we had high temperatures at or above 90 degrees, but it hasn’t been the warmest. Here in Huntsville, the average temperature is 81.4 degrees, making it the 5th warmest on record. Both Muscle Shoals and Decatur are seeing the 7th warmest.

We still have a little over a week left of summer, climatologically speaking before the fall season begins. The official first day of Fall will be on September 22nd.