Muggy Air Takes Over Leading To Rainy Days Ahead

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We’ll start this week with an ‘unsettled’ weather pattern setting up, with high pressure to our south and low pressure to our north. That puts us under a steady southerly flow of warm and humid air, which in turns makes it feel less comfortable outside.

There’s also a good chance you’ll need the umbrella nearby this week, as a few weak disturbances will take advantage of the extra moisture flowing into the Tennessee Valley to produce scattered showers.

To put it simply: We’ll get a decent chance of scattered showers each day Sunday-Tuesday, and the chance of rain stays fairly consistent day-to-day and even hour-to-hour. We don’t see a clear sign of heavy soaking rainfall any particular day this week though. Instead, we’ll get more on-and-off light showers like we experienced Sunday.

This might not add up to much rain for us. Areas north of the Tennessee River stand a better chance of picking up close to 1″ of rain through Thursday, while areas south could only see .10″ of rain.

We could use a good soaking too; moderate drought conditions have started to creep into western Alabama. We still have time to chip away at these dry conditions though, as it would only take about 1″ of rain to catch up and keep our soils healthy.

Feeling Muggy Again: The warm muggy air from the south will settle over the Tennessee Valley Sunday and Monday, but once our winds shift from southerly back to northerly we’ll get to cool off again. That happens midweek, with temperatures dipping back into the 60s for highs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll also dry out Wednesday and Thursday, as the drier northerly air takes over.

The trouble with the fall season is that weather patterns are changing and shifting quickly. That means you should take advantage of every clearly pleasant day we get!

We’ll shift back into a drier and cooler pattern around midweek, but we could shift back into a rainy pattern by next weekend. We might be in for a more evenly-spaced soaking Friday through Saturday. We’ll be posting updates as we get closer to that time and the forecast becomes clearer!

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