More Summer storms rumbling through late Spring on Wednesday

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Scattered showers and a few isolated thunderstorms fade away late Tuesday night, but it’s entirely possible that a few relatively light showers could last through early Wednesday morning. We’ll start the day warm and muggy with a partly to mostly cloudy sky and some patchy fog in areas that saw rain on Tuesday.

Tuesday was another record-setting hot day in Huntsville and Muscle Shoals; both cities set new record highs for May 15th. We won’t likely do that again soon because showers and storms are looking much more likely area-wide through Wednesday afternoon and evening.  Storms look unevenly spread again; some parts of a single city may get more than 1-2″ of rainfall Wednesday while other neighborhoods get next to nothing.  That’s life with summer storms!

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Scattered storms: get used to them. Summer storms like the ones we’re dealing with this week are like little bubbles in boiling water: chaotic. They don’t move fast, so one may develop nearby, rain and rain and rain on a neighboring community, and dissipate before it can do anything at your place. We see more of this widely-scattered, hit-or-miss thunderstorm action for Thursday, but storms may begin to thin out some for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That doesn’t mean that we’re completely dry; it does mean your odds of getting rain are slimmer this weekend than they are for the middle of the week!

The weekend: Got outdoor plans? Don’t cancel them. The chance of a few scattered storms is high enough to be mindful of them on Saturday and Sunday, but most of us won’t be getting that much rainfall.

Expect highs in the upper 80s (and a heat index in the low-90s) with a partly cloudy sky and a few occasional showers/thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday.

Next week: We’re still in this ‘scattered storm’ pattern through the first part of next week, so expect more summer-like heat with daytime highs in the upper 80s to around 90ºF and a daily chance of a brief downpour.

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