More Soaking Rain Will Arrive Before 2019 Does

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If you feel like it won’t stop raining, you’re not alone! The longest stretch of dry weather in Huntsville this month was only 4 days long and it happened at the beginning of the month (from the 2nd to the 5th). We won’t get a longer stretch of dry-time at least for the rest of 2018 either!

A steady southerly freeze will pump more moisture into the Gulf states today and tomorrow, leading to low-end rain chances through Wednesday. There won’t be a specific ‘storm system’ to kick off widespread rain Wednesday though; instead we’ll just get light spotty showers up until Thursday.

December Storms Possible: Thursday a developing frontal system from the west will approach Alabama, bringing the most notable chance of rain – and a few storms – in the next week. This system will have a good amount of ‘energy’ with it to turn all the moisture flowing into Alabama into heavy showers. If we get a nice enough warm up before the cold front gets to us, we might also see a few thunderstorms developing Thursday afternoon and evening.

The rain will start first, moving into western Alabama Thursday morning, and spreading over the entire Tennessee Valley by Thursday afternoon. In the meantime a breezy south wind will help push temperatures into the 60s. That warm-up will give us a window of opportunity for storms to develop Thursday afternoon and evening, which could produce high wind gusts and heavy downpours.

Regardless of if thunderstorms fire off, widespread rainfall will continue Thursday evening through Friday morning. Rain lingers into Friday as a cold front moves through, before finally tapering off Friday night. The prolonged period of rain could cause localized flooding, so make sure before heading out at any point Thursday through Friday that you check the weather beforehand.

The Live Alert 19 App is your best go-to resource in situations like this: The app provides current conditions, forecasts, and any active alerts for your location.

MORE Rain This Weekend!? Yes, we have another chance at rain this weekend. A wave of showers will develop with an area of low pressure to our southwest Saturday and move east through Sunday. How far north this rain gets is still in question. It’s still possible that most of the rain ends up stuck at the Gulf Coast, leaving us dry here in the Tennessee Valley.

If the rain does make it to us, you’ll get more scattered showers starting up late in the Saturday and lasting through Sunday. Keep the umbrella handy and be ready to take your weekend plans inside again!

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