More Rainy Days to Round Out January

The Weather Authority

January has been quite a rainy month. We’ve seen above average rainfall for the month.

**Here were a few hundredths of an inch bringing us to 7.72″ at Huntsville as of 2am Monday, January 27, 2020.**

We’re not going to get to all time January records, but certainly we’ll stay well above normal through the end of the month.

The rain has been pretty evenly spread out too. Out of 25 days so far, 15 of those have had measurable rain at Huntsville International Airport, with only 10 dry days. Not only that, but we haven’t really had a stretch of dry days to dry things out some. We haven’t been able to get more than two dry days in a row this month, and NO totally dry weekends so far (odds are, rain on the 26th keeps that trend going through the last weekend of the month).

You can always get more details on the forecast on our weather discussion or on Live Alert 19


Meteorologist Alex Puckett



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