Monrovia Middle School Sixth Grade Kidcam!

The Weather Authority

Photo by Dan Doty, Monrovia Middle School

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One of the best parts of my job is going to speak in schools, and today’s group was top-notch.  I really enjoyed meeting this crew of Monrovia Middle School Hawks!  A big contingent of the Sixth Grade met with me in the auditorium where we talked about how the science of meteorology winds and twists through other fields like engineering, chemistry, physics, geology and geography.

We also talked about severe weather, tornadoes, storms, and why we even have to deal with storms in the first place (hint: it’s the water).

Sometimes Sixth Grade can be a tough audience, but these young men and women were great representatives of their school. Parents and teachers: be proud of them! They’re fantastic, and they have some great stories and personal experiences to share about severe weather.

One thing I *know* I taught them today? The ‘cookie rule.’ You employ the ‘cookie rule’ anytime there’s major severe weather occurring and you know that your home (or mobile home) is not a safe place to be. You bake some cookies, take them to someone’s home where you can be safe, and share the cookies. Simple.

Data pix.

Special thanks to Mr. Dan Doty for inviting me to Monrovia today! He also acted as social media photographer for us!

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