From August 22nd through the 26th, a potent storm system brought heavy rainfall across portions of the deep south. With deep moisture in place across this region and this system tracking through, it was a perfect setup for a heavy rain event! Rain totals, during the 7-day period, ranged from five inches to over a foot. Most of this fell within a few days.

Mississippi residents brace for flood as river reaches crest

Before impacting Mississippi, the system produced heavy rain across the Southwest and the state of Texas. From Wednesday to Friday, the 24th through the 26th, the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) highlighted central Mississippi for the potential of excessive rainfall. With ample moisture in place, widespread steady moderate to heavy rain set up. Multiple flash flood warnings were issued for this area during this time period, with some locations receiving over an inch of rain per hour.

Now, five days later, the state is continuing to deal with the ongoing threat of flooding. On Sunday, the governor issued a state of emergency because of the flooding concerns. One of the main rivers that caused problems in central Mississippi was the Pearl River. The Pearl River crested Monday morning at 35.5 feet, leading to flooding issues for those in Jackson.

As of Monday evening, roadways and some residential areas were still dealing with this flooding. The river level will gradually subside, but it is going to take some time. Right now, the level the river is at would be considered the ‘moderate flood stage’. The highest crest in history for this river was in April of 1979 when the crest reached of 43.28 feet.