Milder Temperatures Not Far Off

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Frigid temperatures and snow will soon be a thing of the past. The eastern half of the country is covered in snow and several spots have temperatures in the single digits. Look at the storm reports across the east coast. There are just too many to count!


We have been below freezing since early Tuesday morning at 5:30am waiting on the snow. Interestingly enough, we dropped into the middle 20s once the snow and sleet began. As of Thursday morning, we are talking two straight days (48 hours straight) with temperatures below 32°F. That changes today with highs in the middle to upper 30s. With plenty of sunshine, more snow melts! By the weekend we’ll see highs approaching 60°F over the weekend! It will be back to business as usual soon!

Hold on a little longer and we’ll be in the clear!

Ben Smith


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