In this week’s segment of “Weather Wednesdays” Meteorologist, Jessica Camuto took a trip to Albertville to showcase the Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater. This year the Sand Mountain Amphitheater will host the American Made Music Festival!

This will be the first two-day music event held at the Amphitheater. The music event will be on June 10th and 11th with eight bands scheduled to perform! Some of the artists that will be performing are Martina McBride, Jimmy Fortune, Diamond Rio, and Dailey and Vincent.

American Made Music Fest hits Sand Mountain Amphitheater this weekend

For more information on the event and ticket pricing, click here. To purchase your tickets, click here.

Everything Sand Mountain Park has to offer

Sand Mountain Park has something for everybody, from the outdoor water park to the indoor fitness center. Meteorologist Jessica Camuto had the opportunity to try out one of the activities offered at the park!

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the United State! Racket Sports Manager Jordan Younghouse took the time to teach Jessica how to play. A combination of tennis and ping pong, pickleball is easy for anyone to learn. One of the main rules of the game is that you can not hit the ball out of the area when in the front rectangle, also known as the kitchen. So if you are looking for something to do this summer grab a few friends and play some pickleball!

The complex has so much to offer to the community as sports, leisure, wellness, and entertainment venue. The 130-acre complex has 16 tennis courts, 14 turf fields, playgrounds, an outdoor water park, an RV park, and a fitness center!

If you are planning a trip and looking to camp, make sure you reserve a spot ahead of time. There are 17 spots and during the weekends they book up fast! The perks of camping here are that hookups are included, there is a bathhouse, and you will have access to the park’s on-site amenities. This includes the two dog parks next to the RV park, perfect for those traveling with their furry friends!

With everything this complex has to offer there is one thing that stands out, the Miracle League. The Miracle League of Albertville at Sand Mountain Park is a place where every player plays, every player hits, every player gets on base, every player scores and every player wins–every inning.

The Miracle League is a baseball league designed for mentally and physically handicapped individuals. The first Miracle League was offered in fall 2021 they had 51 players and by the spring of 2022, they doubled that number! Each player in the league will have a buddy that will go around the field with them!

If you are interested in signing up or volunteering you can sign up on the website.