That’s a wrap on the month of May! The month finished cooler and drier than average.

May brought an average temperature (factoring in the highs and lows) of 70.4 degrees. This was nearly a degree below average. Rainfall finished at 2.75 inches which was 1.92 inches below average. The wettest day of the month was on May 20, when more than an inch of rain was recorded.

The rainfall in May ranks in the top 35 driest on record in Huntsville. Decatur and Muscle Shoals also experienced a deficit. Decatur ended the month in the top-10 driest and Muscle Shoals, the top 25 driest.

While North Alabama has recorded limited precipitation this month, parts of Southern Middle Tennessee will actually end the month wetter than normal. Fayetteville has recorded nearly 6.4 inches, the majority of the rain falling on May 8. The month ended in the top 25 wettest on record for this community.