May 8 marks the first 90 degree temperature of 2019

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It got hot Wednesday afternoon! A south breeze and a good dose of sunshine helped push temperatures up to 90°F at Huntsville International, marking the first 90 degree day of 2019 and the hottest day (so far) of the year. That push of southerly air is also going to help funnel in more moisture from the Gulf, so be ready for a climb in humidity over the next 24-48 hours.

For many, the word “hot” tends to describe temperatures that are in the 90s or higher. It’s a good threshold for when jumping in a pool or the lake is refreshing, rather than cold.

In Huntsville, the earliest 90 degree day occurred on April 16, 1967, making for a very hot spring! On average, though, the first 90 degree day tends to occur on or near May 20.

The 90 degree heat can stick around well past Labor Day. In fact, the average final 90 degree day on average occurs on or near September 14. Last year, the final 90 degree day occurred on October 7 2018 before Hurricane Michael finally pulled cooler air into the region.

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