Look for the Venus – Jupiter Conjunction Monday Morning

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Courtesy: earthsky.org

If you are an early bird, you may be able to catch a spectacular astronomical event, specifically the Venus-Jupiter conjunction!

To see the bright planets you’ll need to wake up early, at least an hour before dawn, Monday morning. The sun rises at 6:19am, so you’ll want to be out by 5am. Look out to the east, focusing just above the horizon and you might be able to see the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. The two planets will be positioned right next to each other in the sky, with Jupiter sitting slightly higher up than Venus. You won’t need a telescope, but a pair of binoculars will make seeing the planets easier.

Clouds should be clearing by Monday, but it might still be too cloudy for a clear view of the planets. If it’s too cloudy Monday morning, you can try again Tuesday morning. After Tuesday the planets will begin to diverge from each other and will become harder to spot.

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