Happy Halloween to all you ghosts, goblins, and witches across the Tennessee Valley! Mother nature has no tricks planned but instead will treat up with mainly dry weather! In the past though, that hasn’t really been the case.

Taking a look at the climatology for some locations across the Tennessee Valley we certainly have seen a mix of weather. It is cloudy but dry this Halloween but in 1951, Huntsville recorded its wettest on record when 2.58 inches of rain was recorded. The warmest on record for all the locations listed above occurred in 2016, during that year high temperatures were well above average. When it comes to the coldest Halloween, for Huntsville this was recorded in 1993 when the high was only 30 degrees. This is nothing compared to Muscle Shoal’s coldest of 30 degrees in 1917!

Halloween this year is shaping up to be pleasant weather-wise for the Tennessee Valley if you plan to take your little ghosts and goblins out! Though cloud cover will be a pain, dry air filtering into the region will help keep the air mainly dry. Temperatures this evening look to be comfortable, not too hot and not too cold. By eight this evening expects temperatures to be in the low 60s.