For record-keeping purposes, climatological summer includes the months of June, July, and August. So far this summer the Tennessee Valley has experienced everything from severe weather to excessive heat.

When looking at the data for the Huntsville area, the average temperature for June and July is 79.6 degrees. While it may seem the heat has been unbearable this summer, temperatures are only half a degree cooler than normal. So far this summer, the average temperature is 79.1 degrees. When it comes to rainfall, after seeing a deficit of rain in June we made up for it in July. So far we have recorded just over 8.80 inches of rain.

So far this summer, the Huntsville area has recorded higher rainfall compared to this time last year. This year we have seen nearly five and a half inches more rain than in 2022. This higher rain total is thanks in part to rounds of storms that produced locally heavy rain.

Look back at July — Near normal rainfall and temperatures

While this year the rainfall is higher than the previous year, we are continuing to experience cooler temperatures. The average temperature this season, so far, is around three degrees cooler than last year. The main reason temperatures this summer have felt so hot was due to the high humidity. The extreme humidity led to heat index values over 100 degrees, when looking at high temperatures Huntsville hasn’t observed a 100-degree day yet.

Summer So Far In The Tennessee Valley:

When analyzing data across the Tennessee Valley, many have observed close-to-average temperatures. The departure from normal for all the locations above is less than a degree. For Muscle Shoals specifically, similar to Huntsville, compared to last year the average temperature is nearly three degrees cooler. The departure from normal for all the locations above is less than a degree. The rainfall though, is a different story.

Above-average temperatures forecast to continue in August

While Huntsville is a quarter of an inch higher than normal so far this Summer, the rest of the area is experiencing a deficit when it comes to rainfall. Storms that have tracked through the area the past two months have led to heavy rainfall for some while others saw little. Across parts of North Alabama, similar to last Summer, moderate drought conditions are ongoing due to the minimal amount of rain received.

Normal Summer Season For Huntsville:

During a normal summer season in Huntsville, the average temperature is 80.1 degrees. This temperature is the combination of both the high and low temperatures from June through August. Summer-time showers and storms are common during the afternoon and evening which could lead to heavy rain. The normal rainfall for Huntsville is 12.10 inches.

Last year, Huntsville observed a top-five driest and also top-five hottest summer on record. The average temperature of summer 2022 was 81.5 degrees, making it the fourth-warmest on record. The warmest on record occurred in 2010 when the average was 83.5 degrees. Last year, Huntsville observed the fifth-driest summer on record with rainfall totaling 6.15 inches.