Dry conditions continue to plague North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee. Much of the region is falling several inches behind in year-to-date rainfall.

With this continued lack of rainfall, the drought across our region continues to worsen. Much of North Alabama is in an extreme drought. The southern part of Marshall and DeKalb Counties are in a severe drought.

In Huntsville, the year-to-date rainfall is more than seven inches down from average. Normally, we would have more than 44 inches of rain by this time of the year, but so far there has only been a little more than 37 inches.

In the Shoals, the year-to-date rainfall is falling behind by more than nine inches from average. Normally, there would be more than 44 inches of rain by now, but there have only been 35.62 inches.

These dry conditions look to persist over the next several days with no rainfall expected. The next rain chance is next Thursday. The continued lack of rainfall could lead to further worsening of the drought in our area.