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PLEASE NOTE: The COVID-19 pandemic may impact your area storm shelters. Please check the list below to find the shelter closest to your location, then check this web story to see how your county is handling shelters as it relates to the pandemic.

WHNT News 19 has compiled a list of community tornado shelters in north Alabama.  Find the shelter closest to you so you’ll know where to go next time severe weather hits.

We’ve listed the shelters by county in alphabetical order. If you know of a shelter we should add to this list, please email details to  Please specify if it is a public or private-run shelter.

It is important to remember that certain shelters only open under certain conditions. You should never assume that a shelter is open just because there is a threat of severe weather.

TAKING ACTION: How to know if your community shelter is open before severe weather hits


Industrial Blvd, next to Leesburg Town Hall
Leesburg, AL
Holds 150-200 people


959 Old Natchez Trace Road
Capacity: 48

Abbie Church
11214 6th Street
Capacity: 48

309 Appleton Avenue
Capacity: 48

53 Plaza Court
Capacity: 96

Charity Chapel
2999 Frankfort Road
Capacity: 48

1211 2nd Street
Capacity: 250

Colbert Alloys Park
267 Alloys Park Lane
Muscle Shoals
Capacity: 96

Colbert Heights High School
1614 Sunset Drive
Capacity: 96

County Road Department
2842 Highway 20
Capacity: 96

2844 Denton Road
Capacity: 96

Ford City
14439 County Line Road
Muscle Shoals
Capacity: 250

Highway 247 VFD
4651 Highway 247
Capacity: 48

1648 Waldrep Loop
Capacity: 96

8856 Main Street
Capacity: 250

1448 Jackson Highway
Capacity: 250

Locust Shores
74 Golden Road
Capacity: 48

Manning Homes
2312 Northwest 15th Street
Capacity: 48

535 Gypsy Loop
Capacity: 48

Michael Johnson Rec
1920 Northeast 29th Street
Capacity: 96

Nitrate City
982 7th Street
Muscle Shoals
Capacity: 96

North Red Rock
3364 Red Rock Road
Capacity: 48

105 Student Drive
Muscle Shoals
Capacity: 150

423 Pickwick Street
Capacity: 48

43 Rose Trail Park
Capacity: 96

Spring Valley
7147 Coburn Mountian Road
Capacity: 96

914 South Hickory Street
Capacity: 96

Underwood Crossroads
12495 County Line Road
Capacity: 96


112 Fairview Rd
Capacity: 96
No pets

Chapel Village/Jones Chapel
74 County Rd 1034, Cullman, AL 35057
Capacity 90-100
No pets

Dodge City Town Hall – basement
130 Howard Circle, Hanceville, AL 35077
(basement was built to storm shelter standards)

Dodge City Volunteer Fire Department
7150 County Rd 223
Capacity: 96
No pets

Fairview Housing Authority
501 1st Ave SW
Capacity: 90-100
No pets

Garden City Town Hall
501 1st Ave SW
Capacity: 450+ people
No pets

Good Hope City Hall (Basement)
134 Town Hall Dr, Cullman, AL 35057
Capacity: 100
No pets

Good Hope freestanding shelter behind City Hall
Accessed via Madison Dr.
Capacity: 96
No pets

Good Hope Volunteer Fire Department #2
301 Day Gap Rd
Capacity: 96
No pets

Hanceville – three shelters:
202 Bangor Avenue SE
1407 Commercial Street SE
203 Michelle Street NW
No pets

Smith Lake Park
420 County Rd 385
Capacity: 96
No pets

South Vinemont
88 Ridgeway St
Capacity: 96
No pets

Vinemont Providence Volunteer Fire Department #1
576 County Rd 1355, Vinemont, AL 35179
Capacity: 200
No pets

Vinemont Providence Volunteer Fire Department #2
60 Ridgeway St
Capacity: 200
No pets

West Point
4050 County Rd 1141
Capacity: 96
No pets


Crossville, at the fire department
96 people

DeKalb County Activities Building
Fort Payne
(basement – can hold about 200 people)

Fyffe Senior Center
413 Graves Street
(Holds about 20 people)

Fyffe Town Hall
Holds 96 people

Fyffe Church of God
778 Main Street, Fyffe
(256) 623-3822
(please call first to see if shelter is open)

Geraldine Town Hall
96 people

Greenbriar Avenue
Henagar (holds 96 people)

North Broad Street, Powell (across from Town Hall)
Holds 96 people

Northeast Alabama Community College
Opening at 9:00 p.m.
Shelter holds 1000-1500 people

Plainview School
Shelter can hold 600-700 people

Shiloh, at fire department
96 people

Sylvania, next to fire department
14 Enterprise Street
Sylvania, AL 35988
Holds 96 people

Upper Sand Mountain Parish (private-run shelter)
24474 Sylvania Road
Sylvania, AL 35988


The Gadsden/Etowah County EMA has a website where you can see all open shelters on a map to find the closest to you. Click here to view that map.

Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
5950 Sardis Rd, Boaz, Al 35956
Handicap Accessible

Black Creek Volunteer Fire Department
20 Styles Bridge Rd, Collinsville, AL 35961
Handicap Accessible
Pets Allowed

Etowah Baptist Association
853 Walnut St.
Downtown Gadsden
Handicap Accessible

First Baptist Church Southside
2560 Mountain View Dr, Southside, AL 35907
Handicap Accessible
Pets Allowed with Crates

First Baptist Church of Hokes Bluff
5052 Main St, Hokes Bluff, AL 35903
Handicap Accessible

Gadsden Public Library
254 College St.
Downtown Gadsden
Handicap Accessible
Pets Allowed

Goodyear Heights Baptist Church
608 Kaying Rd. N
E. Gadsden/Glencoe
Handicap Accessible

New Bethel First Congressional Methodist Church
6673 Main St, Hokes Bluff, AL 35903
Handicap Accessible
Pets Allowed with Crates

NE Etowah Community Center
3733 US Hwy 411 N
Nothern Etowah County, Near Gaston School
Handicap Accessible
Pets Allowed
FEMA P-361 Compliant

Paden Baptist Church
900 Padenreich Ave
Near Gadsden State Community College
Handicap Accessible

Stowers Hill Baptist Church
407 Ninth Ave. SW, Attalla, AL 35954
Handicap Accessible
Pets Allowed with Crates

Young’s Chapel Methodist Church
44 Youngs Chapel Rd
Hokes Bluff/Piedmont
Handicap Accessible
Pets Allowed with Crates


Shelter behind Hodges City Hall
1842 Hwy. 172Hodges

Phil Campbell Community Center
132 Sherry Bryce Dr.
Phil Campbell

Blue Springs Fire Department
Highway 75
Phil Campbell

East Franklin Fire Department
Highway 81
Phil Campbell

Gravel Hill Volunteer Fire Department
Gravel Hill Rd in Phil Campbell

Vina Fire Department
79 Church Street

Red Bay Water Park
640 2nd St NE
Red Bay

Red Bay Old Airport
627 9th Ave NW
Red Bay

Russellville Park & Rec Center
204 Ash Ave

511 Gaines Ave

Pleasant Site Fire Department
2785 Hwy. 90
Pleasant Site

Burnout Fire Department
75 Hwy 224

Shelter Near Belgreen School Gym
14141 Hwy 187


Bridgeport Elementary School
1014 Jacobs Ave, Bridgeport

Bridge Port Middle School
620 Jacobs Ave, Bridgeport

Bridgeport Shelter
602 Broadway Ave, Bridgeport

Bridgeport Shelter
2105 5th St, Bridgeport

Bryant Elementary School
6645 Al Highway 73

Dutton Elementary School
180 Main Street, Dutton

Dutton Town Hall
69 Browntown Road (Basement)
Holds 250-300 people

Earnest Pruitt Center of Technology school “tech school” around back
29500 block us hwy 72 Hollywood
Holds 100+ people

Flat Rock Elementary School
788 County Road 326, Flat Rock

Higdon Park Storm Shelter
28424 AL Highway 71, Higdon

Hollywood school
6369 co rd 33 Hollywood al
Located around back
Holds 100+

Jackson County Courthouse (basement)
123 East Laurel Street
(256) 574-9330
Occupancy: 100

Langston Shelter
9277 County Road 67, Langston

Macedonia Elementary School
196 County Road 49, Section

North Jackson High School
45549 Alabama Highway 277, Stevenson

North Sand Mountain High School
29333 Alabama Highway 71, Higdon

Paint Rock Valley High School
51 County Road 3, Princeton

Paint Rock Shelter
3881 U.S. Highway 72, Paint Rock

Pisgah High School
60 Metcalf St, Pisgah

Pisgah Shelter
6209 County Road 88, Pisgah

Princeton Park Storm Shelter
325 County Road 3, Princeton

Rosalie Elementary School
162 County Road 355, Pisgah

Section High School
141 Al Highway  71

Section Shelter
72 Dutton Road, Section

Skyline High School, Scottsboro
897 County Road 25, Scottsboro

Stevenson Elementary School
930 Old Mt. Carmel Rd, Stevenson

Stevenson Middle School
701 Kentucky Ave, Stevenson

Stevenson Shelter
905 E. 2nd Street, Stevenson

Stevenson Shelter
802 Kentucky Ave, Stevenson

Steven Shelter
107 Tennessee Ave, Stevenson

Woodville High School
290 Sounty Road 63, Woodville


North Wood United Methodist Church
1129 Wills Ave
Florence, AL

Petersville Church of Christ
3601 Cloverdale Rd.
Florence, AL

Underwood/Petersville Community Center
840 County Road7
Florence, AL

Williams Chapel Presbyterian Church
6401 County Road 1
Waterloo, AL

Killen United Methodist Church
201 J.C. Mauldin Hwy.
Killen, AL

Lexington Town Hall (Old Vault Area)
11060 Hwy. 101
Lexingon, AL

First Baptist Church of Anderson
245 Church St.
Anderson, AL

Rogersville Church of Christ
450 College Street (County Road 26)
Rogersville, AL

First Baptist Church of Rogersville
222 College Street (County Road 26)
Rogersville, AL

Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church
2705 County Rd 222
Florence, AL 35633

Elgin United Methodist Church
2743 Hwy 101
Elgin, AL

Rogersville Town Hall
36 Wheeler St.
Rogersville, AL

Waterloo Community Center
300 County Road 45
Waterloo, AL


Roy Coffee Park
3581 Jefferson Street
Holds 96 people

First Baptist Church
Jefferson Street
(*North Courtland residents – please feel free to use this one)

6619 County Road 81
Danville (next to the Speake Senior Center)
Holds 96 people

11720 Main Street
Holds 96 people

Chalybeate – next to Chalybeate VFD
69 County Road 296
Holds 96 people

14201 Court Street
Holds 720 people

Wren Community Shelter
(Behind Pleasant Grove Church)
11440 Alabama Highway 33
Holds 96 people

Mount Hope Senior Center
3142 County Road 460
Mount Hope
Holds 96 people

7042 Alabama Highway 101
(Hatton community – at the Hatton Senior Center)
Town Creek
Holds 96 people

Red Bank Park
1933 County Road 314
Town Creek
Holds 96 people

1025 Wallace Street
Town Creek
Holds 192 people

Veterans Memorial Park
6229 County Road 214
Holds 96 people


Ardmore City Hall
25844 Main St.
Ardmore, TN 38449
Holds 150 people

Ardmore Public Shelter
29910 Park Avenue (across from the Boys and Girls Club)
Ardmore, AL
Holds 300 people

Ark of Promise Church Safe Room
15199 Browns Ferry Road, Reid, AL 35611
Holds 200 people

Ark of Promise Community Safe Room
15199 Browns Ferry Rd.
Athens, AL

Bethel Church of Christ
Intersection of Bledsoe Road and Capshaw Road
26772 Capshaw Road
Athens, AL 35613
No pets allowed

Clements Community Safe Room
9158 U.S. Hwy. 72 W., Athens, AL 35611
Holds approximately 100 people

Crowford Community Safe Room
14024 Grover Dr.
Athens, AL

Elkmont Community Safe Room
19667 Sandlin Rd.
Elkmont, AL 35620
Holds about 200 people

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
1418 Old Railroad Bed Road
Madison, AL 35757-6613
Open when there is a watch or warning issued for Madison or Limestone counties. No pets allowed.

Goodsprings Community Shelter
33634 AL Hwy. 99, Anderson, AL 35610
Holds 150 people

Lester Community Shelter
30306 Lester Rd., Lester, AL 35647
Holds 100 people

Owens Community Shelter
Owens Volunteer Fire Department
17196 Glaze Rd., Athens, AL  35611

Owens Elementary School
21465 AL Hwy. 99, Athens, AL 35611
Holds 600 people
Will be open to the public after school hours only

Pine Ridge Community Shelter
10078 Settle Rd., Athens, AL  35611

Pisgah Community Safe Room
9080 Upper Snake Rd
Athens, AL

Pleasant Grove Safe Room
9080 Upper Snake Road, Athens, AL 35614
Holds 150 people

West Limestone High School
10945 School House Rd., Lester, AL 35647
Holds 1,000 people
Will be open to the public after school hours only

Wooley Springs Community Shelter (Wooley Springs Baptist Church)
26069 AL Hwy. 251, Elkmont, AL  35620


Belleville Community Center

Blanche School
1649 Ardmore Hwy

Boonshill Community Center
8o Red Oak Road
Fayetteville, TN

Delrose Fire Station
1 Front Street
Delrose, TN

Fayetteville Municipal Building
East side Square
Fayetteville, TN

Flintville School
36 Flintville School Rd.

Lincoln County Courthouse
On the square
Fayetteville, TN

Lincoln County High School
Hwy 231/431
Fayetteville, TN

Mimosa Coummunity Center
464 Mimosa Rd

Park City Church of Christ
42 McDougal Road
Fayetteville, TN
(931) 433-7691

Petersburg Town Hall
120 East Side Square
Petersburg, TN

State Line Church of Christ
Hwy 231-431S

Stewarts Chapel Church
Stewarts Chapel Rd


Visit for information on storm shelters. Madison County does not operate public shelters, but here is a list of shelters run by municipalities, churches and community groups.  They are open to the public. Most do not allow pets, though.

NOTE: James Clemens High School used to act as a community shelter. However, Mayor Paul Finley recently announced that would no longer be the case. He sited dwindling use as one of the major factors in his decision.

First Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Closed until further notice due to COVID-19 pandemic)
1303 Evangel Drive, Huntsville AL 35816
Capacity: 350 people

Moores Mill Volunteer Fire Department
7416 Moores Mill Road, Huntsville AL 35811
Holds 200 people

New Hope
5507 Main Drive, New Hope AL 35760
just across from Town Hall
2 shelters, located side by side
Will hold around 300 people total
No pets allowed, only service animals

New Hope United Methodist Church
5351 Main Drive, New Hope
Holds around 100 people

Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church
292 Cemetery Road
New Market
Will open as shelter after tornado warning is issued in Limestone County

Maysville Community Shelter
1076 Brownsboro Road, Gurley AL 35748
Capacity: 80 people
Installed by Madison County Commission District 3, opened by Central Volunteer Fire Department

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
1418 Old Railroad Bed Road
Madison, AL 35757-6613
Capacity: 100 people
Open when there is a tornado watch or warning issued for Madison or Limestone counties. Call (256) 232-3331, option 3 (if the shelter is open, the shelter phone will be manned.) Service animals only.  Please make other arrangements for your pets before severe weather arrives.

Asbury Harvest Church
8089 Wall Triana Highway, Harvest AL 35749
Capacity: 400 people

Harvest Youth Club
230 Lockhart Road
Harvest, AL 35749
*Shelter opens any time there is a tornado watch issued in Limestone County.  Above-ground shelter, holds 125 people; 1 bag per person, no pets, only service animals
Phone number is (256) 217-0320 – but phone is not located in shelter, so if they’re inside, they won’t be able to answer.

Flint River Baptist Church
12945 Hwy 231/431 North, Hazel Green (next to Meridianville Middle School)
Church will open when a tornado watch is issued and remain open as long as needed
Enter through the “Student Entrance” door located at the back of the building
Pets are allowed in carriers
(256) 828-3692
Shelter holds 150 people

Murphy Hill Baptist Church
626 Murphy Hill Road, Toney, AL 35773
Has 5 shelters, each hold about 12 people
(256) 828-3171

Parker Chapel United Methodist Church
28670 Powell Road
Madison, AL  35756
Underground shelter – holds about 50 people

Town of Triana Shelter
280 Zierdt Road
Madison, AL 35756
No pets, certified service animals only.

The Madison County EMA does not operate any public shelters.  After the tornadoes of April 2011, the county made the decision to distribute FEMA grant money to individuals to install storm shelters in private homes. The county is not affiliated with the shelters listed above.


Tornado Shelters:

Asbury Martling
4059 Martling Rd, Albertville
By Martling Senior Center

22165 US Hwy 431, Guntersville
By Cedar Lodge Center

165 Hwy 168, Douglas
By Douglas Town Hall

Georgia Mountain
2485 Georgia Mtn Rd, Guntersville
By Georgia Mtn VFD

307 2nd Ave West, Grant
(by Grant Recreation Center)

21 1st Ave West, Grant
By D2 Shop

90 Hebron School Rd, Grant
By Hebron VFD

Morgan City
4373 US Hwy 231 North
(behind Brindlee Mountain VFD)

Mt. Pleasant
5743 Simpson Point Rd, Grant

Nixon Chapel
7925 Nixon Chapel Rd, Horton
By Nixon Chapel VFD

Pleasant Grove
7275 Section Line Road, Albertville
By Pleasant Grove VFD

1345 Cha-La-Kee Road, Guntersville
By Riverview Campground

Scant City
3850 Eddy Scant Rd, Arab
By D1 Shop

5120 Swearengin Rd, Swearengin
By Swearengin VFD

Union Grove
3680 Union Grove Rd, Union Grove
By Union Grove Town Hall

777 South Sauty Rd, Langston
By Wakefield VFD
118 Whitesville Church Rd, Boaz

Places of Refuge:

Albertville Board of Education
107 W Main St, Albertville

Arab Senior Center
800 N Main St, Arab

Boaz First Baptist Church
225 S Main St, Boaz

St. Williams Catholic Church
929 Gunter Ave, Guntersville

Union Grove Senior Citizens Center
3935 Union Grove Rd, Union Grove

Gilliam Springs Baptist Church
1351 N Brindlee Mtn Pkwy, Arab

Douglas First Baptist Church
110 Moon Rd, Douglas

Oak Grove United Methodist Church
Oak Grove Rd, Horton


Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department
4373 Highway 231
Union Grove, AL
1 shelter – Holds 96 people

Cotaco Fire Dept
Highway 36 East in Cotaco
Holds 95 people.

Danville Volunteer Fire Department
5798 Hwy 36 West
Danville, AL 35619
2 shelters at this location – both hold 98 people

Decatur City Hall
402 Lee St NE (Basement)
Decatur, AL
Citizens with dogs or cats can seek shelter with their pets as long as they are kept on a leash/crated.

Eva Volunteer Fire Department
4238 Eva Rd
Eva, AL

Flint City Volunteer Fire Department
114 Oxmore Flint Road SW
Decatur, AL 35603

Hartselle High School
1000 Bethel Road NE
Hartselle, AL

Abundant Life Church
524 Lafayette St. NE
Decatur, AL 35601
(256) 345-9930
Basement holds 125-150 people

Somerville City Hall
192 Broad Street
Somerville, AL 35670
Holds 96 people – no smoking, no pets

Cutoff Road, half a mile south of Alabama 67 in the Cross Creek housing area
Somerville, AL
Holds 96 people – no smoking, no pets

Massey Volunteer Fire Department
386 Evergreen Road
Danville, AL
Holds 98 people

Morgan City Community Shelter
Located behind the new Brindlee Mountain Fire Department facility
U.S. 231
Open any time a Tornado Watch or Tornado Warning is issued for Morgan County

Morgan County EMA
(first floor of Morgan County Courthouse)
302 Lee Street NE
Decatur, AL

Neel Volunteer Fire Department
70 Neel School Rd
Danville, AL

Oak Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, Station 1
200 NW Simmons Road
Hartselle, AL 35640
Holds 98 people, No pets

Priceville Town Hall
242 Marco Dr
Decatur, AL

Punkin Center Volunteer Fire Department
116 Kirby Bridge Road
Danville, AL
Holds 98 people

Shorty Ryan Park
3812 Eva Rd
Eva, AL
2 Shelters – Each holds 98 people

Somerville Community
75 Cross Creek Loop
Somerville, AL
Cross Creek Subdivision

Somerville Community
31 High St N
Somerville, AL
1 Shelter – Holds 96 people

Somerville Volunteer Fire Department Station 2
122 Perkins Wood Rd
Hartselle, AL
1 Shelter – Holds 96 people

Trinity Town Hall
35 Preston Drive (near the corner of Preston Drive and Seneca Drive)
Trinity, AL 35673
Holds 98 people