Lightning Season Is Upon Us

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As we move into the Summer months, we enter summer storm season. These storms are often the worst weather you have all year, and we see some of our most vivid lightning displays in the summer too.

Storms in the summer are most common between 11 AM and 9 PM, with the peak coming in mid afternoon. It’s easy to pick out our summer storm season looking at the lightning data in Madison county.

That dark red blob, extending from the start of May to the start of September is when lightning peaks in North Alabama, and that peak occurs in the afternoon and evening. You can find the data for your home county using this online tool.

Alabama ranked 3rd in lightning deaths between 2010-2019, so it’s important to remember that lightning is dangerous! Live Alert 19 can alert you to lightning approaching your location. If you get that alert, or hear thunder, it’s time to head inside!

Download Live Alert 19 for iOS or Android.

– Alex Puckett
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